Pizza, Players, and YouTube

November 09, 2023 00:24:31
Pizza, Players, and YouTube
Kid Life Podcast
Pizza, Players, and YouTube

Nov 09 2023 | 00:24:31


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Host: Amir


Join us on this exciting episode of "The Kid Life Podcast" as they get into a world of fun and entertainment. Today, Amir is joined by his little brother Edison and they kick the show off with a warm welcome to the listeners, setting the stage for a captivating discussion ahead.

In this episode, Amir and Edison cover a wide range of topics, from their favorite pizza toppings to highlighting the outstanding performances of NBA and NFL players of the week. They explore the magic of pizza, sharing their top picks for pizza toppings and even crafting an imaginative pizza with stuffed crust, pepperoni, and a secret sauce you won't want to miss.

The podcast takes a turn towards pop culture, as Amir and Edison introduce their YouTuber of the week, FaZe Rug, a popular content creator known for thrilling videos. They discuss their favorite videos, adding their own unique commentary.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! The hosts also share their thoughts on the movie of the week, "Five Nights at Freddy's," a spooky and trending thriller. Plus, they recommend a TV show of the week, "I Woke Up a Vampire," featuring a girl who discovers she's become a vampire.

Join Amir and Edison for a lively, entertaining, and informative episode packed with laughter, insights, and plenty of surprises. It's a podcast you won't want to miss!


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Episode Transcript

[00:00:16] What's up, everybody? How you guys doing today? [00:00:20] So, today, welcome back to a new episode of the Kid Life Podcast. I hope you guys are having a good week. And so now we are going to talk about a few things. Today, we're going to make this a quick episode. But anyway, without further ado, let's get started. [00:00:42] Okay, guys, so, today we are going to be talking about, you know, stuff we've been doing last week, this week, movie of the week, all that kind of stuff, normal things. And then maybe we'll get into a special subject. But first, let me introduce my guest for today. [00:01:00] My guest for today, he is a two timer. [00:01:06] Everybody give an applause to everybody. Give an applause. Sorry, guys. [00:01:15] Everybody give an applause to Edison. [00:01:23] Hey, guys, what's up? [00:01:27] Yes, Edison is back. He is a two timer today. Anyway, so let's get going. All right, Edison, how are you doing this week? Good. Great. [00:01:40] Specific. Like, what's been so great? So, yesterday, I did a little one V one with our friend, and I play Fortnite. [00:01:54] Today, I read some of my books, AR books. So now what I'm doing is I'm doing a podcast with my brother, which I like. [00:02:13] Okay, well, it sounds like it's so far being a good week for you. [00:02:19] Okay, so, wait, let's back it up. Back it up. You said AR book. What is an AR book? [00:02:27] Is it, like, something for school or what? School. [00:02:31] Okay. School and home. School. You can read it at school and home. Well, what is it meant for? What is it meant to do? It's meant to learn, to make you learn about stuff. [00:02:45] If you get a fiction book, then it's not going to teach you facts. But a nonfiction book will. [00:02:54] Okay, but I want to understand, what is it meant for? [00:03:02] Is it meant for a grade or what it's meant for a goal? [00:03:08] I know, but they don't know. Tell them. So, basically, what an AR book is meant for is points, a goal, and a grade. Kind of. [00:03:25] Stop. [00:03:30] Okay. I still don't get it. [00:03:33] What? All right, let me explain basically what an AR book is. [00:03:40] So, it's a book that you read, and it has a certain amount of points on it, and you take a test on it. [00:03:47] Those points are supposed to help you meet a goal by the end of the school. [00:03:54] Um, yeah, that's what AR book is. So, Edison, what do you think about how the school does the AR book stuff? Are you okay with it? Yeah, I'm okay with it. Me and Amir didn't have it last year whenever we were in Carolina. [00:04:13] Where's Carolina in Hartsville, where we live. [00:04:17] But what is it to us? It's our old school. Right? Yeah. Okay, then that's what you should have said, our old school. Because they don't know where Carolina is. Unless you're talking about the university. Anyway. [00:04:28] Exactly. So anyway, all right, so Book of the Week. Today's Book of the Week is. [00:04:40] Drum roll, please. [00:04:45] The Throne of Fire by Rick Ryderan. As you remember, in the last episode I did with Edison, we talked about the Red Pyramid, and those two are a series. That is the first book in the series. The Throne of Fire is the second book in the series. So, anyway, I've been reading this for a long time now. It's what I'm trying to AR test on, because I'm like, yeah, he's reading those big books. He's reading thick books. He's in the 9th grade. He's reading 9th grade. Yeah, I just got a note today that I'm reading 9th grade. That I was reading eigth grade last year. Yeah, I am smart. [00:05:31] I'm reading in fourth grade. [00:05:36] You can do better. But. Okay, anyway, moving on. So, yeah, that's Book of the week. It's very interesting. [00:05:43] It's a good continuation from the Red Pyramid. I suggest you read it. [00:05:49] Okay, so next we're moving on to movie of the week. [00:05:59] Okay, so today's movie of the week is five nights at Fredy's. What? Yeah. I haven't seen it yet, but it's becoming very popular, and it's apparently a really scary movie. I might watch it, but, yeah, this week's movie of the week is five nights at Freddy's. Why? That? I just said why? [00:06:26] I literally just said why? I just said it's me. [00:06:34] Why? Don't. Wait, you just said why? Please don't. Please don't laugh like that. [00:06:42] You sound like the Joker. What? Yeah. What? Yes. [00:06:49] Don't say hi. You know you do. I don't. Yes, you do. No, I do not. Yes, you do. No, I don't. Ask the audience if I do. Okay, guys, so anyway, comment and tell me if Edison sounds like the Joker or some kind of evil villain or not. [00:07:13] Our friend Braylon does. [00:07:16] Shut up. Shut up. [00:07:20] Anyway, moving on. [00:07:24] Okay, so that's movie of the week. Five nights at Freddy's. The concept is like, there's a guy, he's a security guard at a place. It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese, and he's a security guard there, but animatronics are alive. [00:07:39] Stop. The animatronics are alive. And he's getting. They probably don't know what animatronics are, so tell them what animatronics are, dude. They know what animatronics are. What if they. Robots. Robots. Animatronics are robot animals that just stand on two legs. No. Yeah, like the Chuck E. Cheese thing. It's an animatronic that moves around and stuff. But, yeah. Anyway, so it's an interesting movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I've seen videos about it. No, bits of it. And I saw a video related. I saw a video on YouTube related to it, too, actually. Anyway, I suggest you watch it if you want to see a scary movie. [00:08:21] Seems like. Scary movie. It was released on Halloween. [00:08:26] We know that. Well, I know that. [00:08:30] That's why I just said I know that. [00:08:35] What if some of these people are raped, Lord Edison? I just said that's why I. Okay. [00:08:43] Anyway, so, yeah, it seems like the movie to watch this month, and even she probably should have watched now Halloween, but it's. Whatever. [00:08:53] Anyway. [00:08:56] Okay, I'll stop. Yeah, please. [00:09:01] Anyway, moving on to this week's. Drum roll, please. [00:09:07] TV show of the week. [00:09:10] Okay, what is it? Okay, wait. Yeah. This week's TV show of the week. [00:09:20] Really? [00:09:23] No, stop real quick. Really, you're interrupting me. Okay. [00:09:29] Anyway, I'm sorry about his behavior. [00:09:32] Anyway, this week's TV show of the week is I woke up a vampire. [00:09:42] Okay? [00:09:44] It is a new TV show that came out about a girl who woke up one day and she was a vampire. If you want to know more about it, it's on Netflix, so go watch it, because I suggest you do. I still got to finish it. It's actually really good. [00:10:01] I haven't seen it yet. [00:10:04] Watch it. [00:10:05] Okay. [00:10:07] All right. Anyway, so that's this week's TV show of the week. It's honestly really interesting, and it's got a few other monsters in it, too. [00:10:16] Yeah. [00:10:17] Okay, so now we're going to move on to a new concept. Before we go to our mystery. Before I go to our mystery subject, this new subject that we're bringing in is. Drumroll, please. One more time, YouTuber of the Week. [00:10:35] Who is it? [00:10:38] Stop. What? Who is it? All right, this week's YouTuber of the Week is. Faze rug. [00:10:50] Make them loud. [00:10:53] I don't know what that means. Anyway. [00:10:56] It means make the audience press. Woo. [00:11:05] Is that what you wanted? Thank you. Thank you. All right, there you go. Yeah. Anyway, so Faze Rug, he's a really good YouTuber. He does a lot of good things. And his videos are really fun and funny. [00:11:19] This morning I was watching his amusement park. We were watching his amusement park video where he stayed overnight in Amusement park, and at the end was going to get hunted by a bounty hunter while he got caught. [00:11:34] Dude, stop spoiling the video. [00:11:37] And he was going to get chased through the amusement park by the bounty hunter, and he had to make it all the way back to the entrance to win. And if he won, he would have gotten a safe. He was playing against his friend Noah simplistic. Noah simplistic? Yeah, that's his last name. You didn't. [00:11:55] Noah is also a YouTuber. His channel is called is simplistic. [00:12:01] Anyway, I'm gonna watch him. Okay. But, yeah, so Noah. Well, Noah and Faze Rug, they competed, and they had challenges and stuff. But if you want to find more about that, go look up Faze Rug's channel on YouTube. And we also watched something else where he had Jesser in his video. [00:12:23] And one more thing. We want you to subscribe. [00:12:36] And while you're at it, since he was talking about Jesser, subscribe to Jesser and subscribe to Noah Simplistic. [00:12:54] You see how he added something to that? No. [00:12:58] Yes. Anyway, so, yeah, that's YouTuber of the Week and a few add ons. So with YouTuber of the week coming on, we have MVP. No, not MVP. I meant video of the Week. So this week's video of the Week is Mr. Beast Mansion video, where he went to a bunch of different mansions or houses, starting from one to $145,000,000 mansion. [00:13:28] And it has a few people in it, like Miranda Cosby. I think that's her name. Cosplay. Wait, what? I forgot her name. But her name is Miranda. Miranda. She's on iCarly. I forgot her last year. And then who else is it? Oh, Justin Timberlake was in it. And I think two other people. [00:13:53] Probably two of his friends. [00:13:55] Yeah. Anyway, so that's this week's video of the week. Now we're going to move on. So I have one more or, no, two more. No. One more. New concept. [00:14:09] I'm sorry, guys. Two more new concepts. This first new concept is NBA Player of the Week. [00:14:18] The first NBA player of the week goes to Damien Lillard. [00:14:28] Damien Lillard got Player of the Week or no, MVP of the Week because on his first game with the Bucks, he scored 39 points and had a ton of assists. 40. Like, his stats were really good. [00:14:42] Anyway, I wish they added him to two K, 23 on the Bucks, bro. But no, he was on the Flightland Trailblazers. On two K. I know, but they're going to add him on two K. 24. [00:14:55] Now, Damien Lillard is a very strong and work hard player. [00:15:03] He's really confident in himself and he loves the game and he plays really hard. He's my favorite player, so he's kind of my inspiration. Go, underdogs. [00:15:14] Ron's an underdog, too. No, he's not. Y'all might think that he's small for a point guard, but his vertical is actually crazy. Oh, yeah, he has a good vertical. [00:15:26] I know this might not count to some people, but we are playing two K. And it was the Grizzlies versus the trailers. And Damien went in and dunked on John Moran and Jaren Jackson Jr. Now that's crazy. [00:15:45] But yeah, that's our NBA Player of the week. [00:15:49] Probably one of the tallest players on the court. Go, Damien Lillard. All right, so now we're moving on to a new subject. This is the last new subject. It's NFL player Player of the week. [00:16:03] All right, so this week's NFL Player of the Week is. Drumroll. [00:16:12] Kittle. I forgot his first name, but he's on the 49 ers. Kittle. The Kittle guy. Kittle who? [00:16:20] You should have said Saquon. [00:16:22] He did good. Nah, he could have done better, but kittle. Yeah. This kittle, NFL Player of the Week. But there's a twist to this. The twist is it was a tie between him and another player, Taylor from the Giants, the backup quarterback. But he got hurt. So we have a backup backup quarterback. So Taylor was tied with Kittle because of how hard he worked to keep the Giants on point while Daniel Jones, our quarterback, was out hurt. Thank you, Taylor. Unfortunately, he is hurt now. So the Giants are kind of on a big, bad losing streak. They have number. [00:17:06] Tommy something is their quarterback now. Yeah, I think it's like Devaro or something. Yeah, it's probably Devaro. Tommy Devaro. He's not that good. He's not, to be honest. He threw more than two interceptions. Hey, guys, if you live near him, don't tell him this, but Dan Taylor is better than Daniel Jones. [00:17:28] Unfortunately, Daniel Jones might need to put in a little more work. He needs to put more power in his throw and he has to throw less. Interception? Yes, please, bro. And you got to stop fumbling the ball. Saquon is the only one that's backing him up right now, or like the other people are. But on offense, Saquon is the only one helping him. Yes. Like, with stuff. His wide receivers are helping, too, but Saquon is trying to kind of keep him in line. Yeah, because Saquon catch so many catches and runs the ball so much. [00:18:04] Keeping Daniel, he probably scored the only points. [00:18:07] But anyway, so, yeah, that's our new concept for this week. Two new. Three new concepts. What? So this week's mystery concept is food of the week. [00:18:26] And that is. Drumroll, please. [00:18:29] Pizza. Pizza. [00:18:35] Okay, so it's pizza. Like, right now, I'm wearing a shirt that says, I've never met a pizza I didn't like. [00:18:44] No. Literally every pizza I've ever eaten, I loved it. I liked it. It was good. Even mushroom on pizza? I don't like mushroom. [00:18:53] All right, so me and Edison are going to name our top ten favorite toppings on pizza. All right, I'm going to go. Edison, how about you go first? Actually, mine is pepperoni. Ham, cheese. I guess that cOunts. Cheese, do you have ten? Yeah. Okay. Sausage, peppers. [00:19:19] That's it. Hello. That's it. Oh, so you only have five? Yeah. Okay, so my top ten favorites are. [00:19:29] My top ten favorites are pineapple. Pineapple ill. [00:19:36] I love pineapple. That's disgusting. Shut up. It's pineapple. Pepperoni. Good. Ham. No, wait. What? Wait, I'm thinking. What? Pineapple, pepperoni, bacon, sausage. Mushrooms. Yeah. No, peppers. Onions. No, I like onions on my pizza. No. [00:19:58] Who are you, brazen? You're not my brother. [00:20:04] Ham. [00:20:06] Okay, then ham. And then what else? [00:20:11] I guess cheese counts. Yeah, cheese does count. And then I think I might like olives on my pizza. Oh, my God. I think that's every pizza topping except. Who are you? [00:20:23] I've seen sardines on pizza. [00:20:26] I think sardines might be the only kind of pizza I don't like. For real. Can you stop? That is disgusting. [00:20:36] No. Anyway, I hate sardines on pizza. I hate sardines in general. Yeah, they're disgusting. So anyway, that's the mystery concept. Edison, let me ask you a question real quick. What if you had any pizza, you could put any toppings you want on it. What would that pizza be like? How would it be made? [00:20:57] It would be made stuffed crust, of course. Okay. And then, of course, add the sauce. Okay. [00:21:06] You cannot go wrong with sauce on pizza. Okay. Put cheese on it. Okay. Ham, pepperoni, sausage. [00:21:15] Not pineapple. Olive. No, you sound like Gordon Ramsay. Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Comment down below. If you sound like Gordon Ramsay, ant. Die. See ya, Aunt. [00:21:32] He's talking about ants. I'm sorry. He killed ant. Anyway, continue. [00:21:39] What else? Peppers. [00:21:42] Pepperoni. That you like. Peppers on your pizza. I do oh, wait. Well, how come you didn't eat the peppers that were in my pasta that I made? [00:21:51] Sorry. [00:21:53] My fault. [00:21:55] Yeah, your fault. Eat your veggies. Okay, I'm going to get stronger. Okay. Anyway, continue. [00:22:02] Peppers, pepperoni, cheese, sauce, stuffed crust. [00:22:09] Said that already. Wait, no. [00:22:12] You all know what you all should do? [00:22:17] Add the toppings before the cheese. [00:22:22] That's true, because that would make it way more better. All right, stop talking. My turn. All right. [00:22:31] He would put every single topping in the world except for. Be quiet. Okay. [00:22:37] How I would make my pizza is I would have pepperoni stuffed bread. You know how they have it, like Domino's or little Caesars? I can't remember which one. Pepperoni stuffed bread. Not like just normal stuffed crust. Like pepperoni stuffed crust. Pepperoni stuffed crust. And you know that sauce they use for deep dish pizza, bro, I put that on there. Now, this is an imaginary pizza, so I can make however I want. And then it'd be New York style, but then we put the toppings on every single topping. I said just a minute ago, I put that on there. Every slice. On every slice. And sometimes when I make homemade pizza, I put hot sauce on my pizza. So I drop a little bit of hot sauce on there. Kind of good. And then put the cheese on top and then melt it down. Bro, honestly, you should always put the topping before the cheese. Honestly, bro, that would be so good. And it would be foldable because it's New York style and I can eat it. Yeah, it could be like a New York style pizza taco. Exactly. So anyway, guys, that was this week's mystery subject. So that's all we have for you guys today. [00:23:46] It was great having Edison on here today. He finally stayed for a full episode this time. Anyway, Edison, we hope to see you again, but without further ado, we are out. [00:24:00] Peace.

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